TLBC-FB66-Bing VS Zhiti(Custom)

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dresses, plots,fight.etc

Zhiti was furious that she lost in her last match and had no interest in a fair fight this time.This time, it was her boxing match with Bing. She was still at a disadvantage.During the intermission,Zhiti had weighted her gloves, making her punches much heavier and harder…






3 thoughts on “TLBC-FB66-Bing VS Zhiti(Custom)”

  1. Yay! She’s back!
    I love Bing, she’s the reason why I keep following this site. I will watch anything that has Bing in it, she has an incredible fighting skill, a very sexy body with a really hot abs and a really good attitude. I hope to see more of her in the future with somebody that is equally match to her.

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