1 thought on “BW-FB23-Jing VS Yying”

  1. Oh my god what a nice video!!!! These two actress are so hot!!! Jing is also a reliable actor. She knows exactly what kind of moans she should make when her opponent hits her stomach. That’s one of the reasons I buy her videos of her. And yying’s action was fantastic, too. However, what needs to be supplemented is that the actions are too monotonous and boring. Rather than exchanging one by one, I hope there will be close-up action scenes that usually come out in your videos and work together. If this is improved, only the best videos will be made. Finally, let me give you my review of this video. They smashed each other’s stomachs completely!!! At the end, Jing punched Yying in the stomach exactly twenty-four times. It was a really cruel scene with yying’s moaning. the production that hits opponent abdomen so many times fast is so fantastic!!! It’s a scene that I hope will come out a lot in the future. One last request, I really hope you makes a video of jing’s abdomen being destroyed by any female boxer, just like zhiti broke Bing’s abdomen in FB66. Jing should be punished for doing such cruel things!!!! I’m always rooting for you guys!!!!! I’m looking forward to a good video

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