Customize your own video

Steps to customize video:

1.Confirmation script

    Send your script to this We will tell you if your script can be shot and the price.

2.Choose Actresses and producers

    We will recommend the actresses for your script. Of course, it’s up to you to choose the actresses and producers

3.Choose attire

    Choose the attire you like for your actresses, usually sports tops and shorts. If you want to choose other types of attire, please communicate with us. As long as the attire is not too exposed, we can discuss it.


    After choosing the actresses and attire, we need you to pay for the custom video and attire (if the clothes need to be purchased)

5.Schedule the shooting date

    After payment, we will arrange the shooting date for your custom video

6.Get your custom video

    From the shooting date, you will get your customized video in three days. If the post editing time is too long due to special reasons, we will inform you in advance.

The Rules:

Important note:

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