TAB-MF03-Jing VS M(Custom)

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dresses, plots,fight.etc

Jing owes usury and is unable to repay it. She is forced to go to the underground to raise money. The organizer asked Jing to fight with their male boxer. As long as she could last for three rounds, the arrears would be written off…






3 thoughts on “TAB-MF03-Jing VS M(Custom)”

  1. Wow! The speed from the both of you was very impressive. The kicks right before the 18:00 mark was solid and a highlight from the video. Jing has been pretty good with the hair whipping action, and M continues to be the boss. Good work!

  2. Love the video. I just wish there was more ground and pound. The majority of the time, the beating happens during stand up. I think its more realistic if there are a lot of knock downs and getting beat from the ground!

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