In order to pay off her debt, Xi decided to take part in the challenge again. She worked out for half a month. She asked her boss to give her another chance. The boss agreed and decided to fight her in person. As with the previous rule, Xi doesn’t need to beat an opponent, it just needs to hold on for 20 minutes to win. But this time,it’s not just boxing that she’ll face — elbows, knees, kicks…


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3 thoughts on “TLBC-BR33-Xi VS C”

  1. Good movies. I bought all BR movies and i bought this as soon as it this movie comes. 🙂 Xi and C’s acting is good :):) I hope belly punching scenes will be more often 🙂 I miss xiaole too 🙂

  2. Xi is amazing! She plays so good! I really like her. Also saw her at and there she’s also amazing.
    I hope you make many more videos with her.
    The video is nice! C was strong and had nice combinations. Xi had no change. I like the dialogue. Hope for more mixed fights.

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