4 thoughts on “TLBC-BR32-Jiao VS C”

  1. I am very glad to see another BR video with a story on TLBC. The dialogues during the fighrt are well-elaborated and both actors finish them well. A story usually makes the fight more sexy because it let the audience know that the girls have good reason not to give up when suffering from intense pain. Obviously TLBC knows well how to do that.
    Jiao has already become a promising actress. Her expressions and actions show clearly how her confidence fades gradually away from her. Her eyes were once full of eager to win even after she was bellypunched to kneel down and vomit. But to the end of the video, when she is totoally dominated by C, struggling on the mat, holding her belly and too weak to get up, it could be told from all her movements that she is done.
    I also like to see C encourages Jiao to hold on and helps her to get up, which I have seen for the first time in this kind of videos. But maybe we should give Jiao more time to get up by herself, just like what Xi did in FB 53 for several times.
    This video has one of the best endings among all TLBC videos from my point of view: when time is up and Jiao is saved by the bell, she cannot help to vomit and falls down to the mat without being able to get up anymore, even though she wins the bonus. I think one of the ways to make the video look more real is to show how the injury accumulates in the fighter’s body rather than disappear right after she takes the punch. This ending scene does this so well.

  2. Finally, a BR video. For the first time with C. It was a nice video where Jiao thinks she can win the match. To bad for her…
    Jiao is amazing and have a really nice body. She plays the jobber girl perfect.
    I hope we will see more of Jiao. And of course more BR videos with C or M. But to be honest, in this video C doesn’t look that strong as M always was. The BR videos with M were always great to see. Fast punches and nice combinations. The girls who stood in the ring against M never had any chance for victory. I hope C will learn from the matches with M and gets the same strength with fast punches and combinations.
    I hope the next video with Jiao has more punches to her belly as she has the perfect body to get punched and she plays it al so well. Looking forward to the next video!

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