TAB-MF07-Jing VS M(Custom)(Female win)

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dresses, plots,fight.etc

In order to take care of her little brother,the fighting queen Jing defeated many opponents and won many competitions. Therefore, Jing was hated by some competitors. In order to defeat Jing, they thought of sneaking attack on Jing and were repulsed by Jing. The next day, Jing took part in the fighting competition. Unexpectedly, her opponent was…






2 thoughts on “TAB-MF07-Jing VS M(Custom)(Female win)”

  1. I just finished watching this video . Y’all seriously have some good filming skills. I see a blur technique used at around 605-6011 focusing the viewers attention on M before Ying who then puts on a harsh glare toward Shiyu. Something similar is used at the 2:00 mark behind some kind of plant, which was a very nice aesthetic shot.

    I don’t know if the lights turning off at 8:55 was intentional, but consider the fact that Ying just had her weak point exploited just moments before those lights turned off helped emphasize the darker turn of events that just unfolded on our heroine/protagonist. All these little details you guys pour into these videos are admirable. There’s a lot of other little details I see in here, but I am too lazy to point them all out.

    I’ll end by saying that Shiyu looked cute with the hair down while wearing the black mask. Just look at screenshot #5. She looks adorable holding that bat, while M looks ready to destroy! lol

    I think this is true for most asians that the masks highlight your sharp eyes well, and it looks good in my opinion.

    1. Thank you,Natal! You always provide such thoughtful and detailed feedback. We could have done better, but due to time constraints (we only had one day of shooting), we could only do so much. We are constantly trying out different styles and hope to bring surprises to you. Thank you for your support!

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