TLBC-FF03-Juan VS Xi

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dresses, plots,fight.etc.

Xi hijacked Juan’s family as a threat. She wanted Juan to fight her. Juan had to agree. Juan was good at fighting, and Xi was good at wrestling. Juan can’t devote herself to fighting in order to protect her family…






1 thought on “TLBC-FF03-Juan VS Xi”

  1. I like your work the most among all the fighting videos in online.
    It’s fun and fast. Other producers’ fighting are slow.
    Your work almost perfect, it just need to improve the reacting when attacked.
    For now, Juan need a suitable rival such as Xixi, Bing, Coco
    Where is your old actress??? They performed very well and smooth.
    TLBC-FB41-Wu VS Xiaoxi still the best video I have watched.

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