1 thought on “Chuan-MB04-Zhou VS C-KOs(custom)”

  1. Two videos ago, commenters made mention how they’d like to see more variety in KOs, and now here we have a custom video all about KOs.

    Things I liked from this video include Zhou’s speed when she took a face punch. She turns her face quick, and you can see her move her shoulders too, and sometimes moving her whole body to give the hits that hard impact effect. That’s what I like. Have a loose body and don’t be afraid to move. A good example is that shot right after 2:10 (freeze the frame at around 2:11). Chuan swings his arm full and swift, and we see Zhou turn hard and quick, her long hair picking up wind, her face 90 degrees from her shoulder, and her body 90 degrees from Chuan. Beautiful and convincing shot!

    I like that Zhou’s hair is down this time. I can see that it gets in her face at times and she was compelled to shake it off after a KO, but I do like the punches better this way. Variety is king, and I’m glad to see returning girls enter the ring with their hair down, in ponytails, pigtails, twintails, short hair, or whatever. Some girls look better than others with their hair in different styles.

    Zhou did well with the straight jabs too. We see a series of jabs from Chuan at 12:00 and Zhou’s ability to get her head back, pressing her upper body slightly back with assistance from the ropes. Another good moment was at 6:07. That was a very clean upper-cut and Zhou sold it well as her hair flew up, and her head and shoulders flung back, catching the ropes with her arms up. Great job, Zhou!

    My favorite KO here was probably Chuan’s charged up belly punch that starts with a series of belly punches at 12:45 and ends with a hard finishing blow at 13:00. You can see Zhou’s belly tremor, her feet lifted off the mats, and a good spit take before falling. The girl does a great job bending her belly/waist line and kicking her butt up during that entire segment.

    I want to end my comment by giving a shout out to that 5th picture from the preview above. Check out those muscles from our boy Chuan in that shot! Woooooo!

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