4 thoughts on “TLBC-FB52-Ting VS Xing”

  1. Was a really nice video! The second part of the video has everything! First Xing (blue gloves) is in big problems. She sells the peril really good! But somewhere she makes a comeback and beat Ting (red gloves) a few time to the ground. Even Ting is hanging like three times on the ropes.
    I like that the video has more takes and that both girls are hanging on the ropes. The peril part is nice.
    Now i’m waiting fot the come back of M. And looking really forward to the next video!

  2. I’ve been catching up with TLBC’s videos today. Bought several recently and want to comment on a few. This one, to me, was a stand out. Both girls, Ting and Xing (nice names, lol), were very good. The actresses displayed a lot of energy and were willing to really move their bodies around and look alive. I love how Xing is able to whip her hair around as she takes face hits, and Ting was exceptional on belly punches, bending hard, her head quickly flying up, and kicking her butt back.

    Some notable shots I liked: take the third screenshot from the preview above. That was a great capture and exemplifies Xing’s great performance in this video. The way Xing threw her punches were good too, with force and speed. Ting played off of it very well.

    Another notable shot was the end. At 25:52 Xing delivers a series of belly punches to Ting, who sold them very well, and at the tail end of 25:54 or early 25:55, freeze the frame right there. Look at Xing clench her teeth as she delivers the hard major blow to Ting’s ribs right before the knockout face punch. Awesome!

    Well done video. I gave this one a five stars on gumroad. Glad to see Ting has become prolific, staring in a few other videos on this site. Don’t know if we’ll see Xing again, but at the very least, I’m glad these two got to face off against each other. They both had good energy and played off each other well.

    Also, I’m glad TLBC found another store with a Paypal option. I’m not a big fan of C4S, but bit the bullet anyway. Will probably still grab a few TMO stuff on there, but will be using gumroad from here on. 🙂 Hopefully we don’t have another account lock-up situation like last time. We lost some great videos from that.

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