3 thoughts on “TLBC-FB51-Jiao VS Xian”

  1. Was a nice video again! Looking forward to the next one. Perhaps a mixed boxing?

    Jiao is a nice actress to see with a good body. She’s doing really well once she’s in peril.

    May a suggest it’s better to skip the kangaroo jumping all the time. Especially when one actress is in problems and get punched she shouldn’t jump all the time.

    I also like to see less back and forth fighting but more focus on a oneside beatdown.

    At last I like to see in every video that a girl is hanging on the ropes for at least a minute only to take a beating. Focusing on the belly is always a good thing.

    If it’s possible I really like to do a custom.
    Please answer my message and also messages from others. We are fans and are okay to pay for videos, but it would be great if cbtlbc can listen to our wishes.

    1. Thank you for your advice. As you can see, I’m always answering messages from customers. Also often take customer’s advice, such as countdown, victory pose and so on. With regard to customization, due to various reasons, we can only accept domestic customization for the time being. I am sorry for this. But I will continue to listen to your suggestions and make more videos you like. Thank you again!

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