1. Whoa, another update already! jeremiahsmith wasn’t kidding about the speed.

    Mou is back! And the new girl, Wu, looks cool too and brings a bit of ‘bounce’ to the video.

    I like how Wu’s hair became undone during the course of the fight, from ponytail to long. That was a nice touch. Also saw a new move at 7:20. Putting Mou’s limp body between the ropes and bashing her back! 0_0 Mou made a hard grunt there too as her belly got pressed to the ropes, arms limp and dangled. Job well done.

  2. Thank for a good clip.

    I like last belly punch. I like Wu acting, she bounced when she was belly punched.

    I think it should have some story or talking before-after fight. And have some Championship.

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