4 thoughts on “TLBC-BR26-Xiaoxi VS M(Gum-shield)”

  1. Xiaoxi’s rag-doll drop down the ropes at 12:28 in this video was HOT! That was really well performed.

    This tight fight featuring two good performers, Michael Mao vs Xiaoxi, has a whole array of moves being thrown, including sweeping low kicks, high kicks, elbow blows, punches, and more. M even gets banged up a bit at the beginning, and there were some cool swift dodges with air sound effects as the punches miss their target at 4:22!

    For the Muay Thai fans on here, I think this video is for you. Highly Recommended.

    Another great video from TLBC!

  2. Really nice video!

    And i like the speed of uploading videos. Looking forward to the next video!

    Is there any video coming with Juan, Yuan or Lixin?

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