2 thoughts on “TLBC-BR25-Feng VS M”

  1. Woo, Feng is pretty cute!

    Some highlights for me were: 6:59-7:01, I really liked the camera transition there. I also liked the series of punches at the 8:40 mark with the camera behind Feng. The punches looked hard, Feng was starting to sell the hits better, and M’s eyes looked angry as he swung strong right and left hook punches. Really scary scene showing M’s dominance. And finally at 14:13, the punch that dazed Feng. The camera shifts into a first person perspective of Feng, her vision blurred and her head shaking. Just as her vision begins to clear, in comes a hopping M throwing a massive right hook blow, sending Feng into a spin with water flying out her mouth. Epic punch!

    Overall, good video. I enjoyed it. 🙂

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