6 thoughts on “TLBC-BR24-Bing VS M”

  1. Whoa, it’s Bing! We haven’t seen her in the ring for over a year!

    As usual, great video! Michael Mao and Bing turn in good performances as usual, the editing is seamless and well done, and the camera work captured the fight at good and various angles, both up close and from a bit of a distance. The 6:50 minute/second mark of this video (00:10 second mark in the trailer) was super cool and a highlight of the video where the momentum of the fight turns. I enjoyed the limp/ragdoll play at the ropes with Bing’s arms down, taking hard shots from M, the bangs on her hair catching wind. I also REALLY liked the 17:40 mark where M delivers a series of belly punches to Bing. The camera work there was fabulous, starting from behind Bing and then pulling in front of her as M continues his blows, and then the slow-mo spit shots with well delivered strained groans from Bing finishes that series of shots off. Brilliant work there!

    Great to see you two work together again, Michael. I’ll add that BR-18, another Bing vs M video with the hilarious cell-phone selfies after a knock-out, is one of my favorites from a lot of great boxing videos from TLBC. Great job again!

    1. Thanks,Natal.
      Thank you for your detailed comments and suggestions.
      These are very precious to us.
      We will try to make more and better videos this year. Thanks again!

  2. It’s hard to find girls for this kind of boxing shoots where real hits are involved. Kudos to those girls who are willing to take part in TLBC videos. Enjoy Bing and Juan.

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