[Short Film]Manuscript | Girl fights to retrieve her brother’s legacy

Hi everyone, I am excited to share this short film with you.

It tells the story of a girl fighting to retrieve her brother’s legacy. The filming time for this project was very short, so the fight scenes were shorter than we had imagined because we had to omit many parts that otherwise would have been impossible to complete. But I hope that through this short film, you can see that we are working hard to make better videos. This is not an empty promise.

We also have other types of filming to do, so the updates during this period are not stable. Thank you for your support!

2 thoughts on “[Short Film]Manuscript | Girl fights to retrieve her brother’s legacy”

  1. WOW Michael!! Since you guys put so much effort into this, I’ll give you some of my thoughts:

    You guys have come a loooong way since your first skit videos. This was basically a mini movie/drama here. Huge props to the lighting crew, Wei Zhou and Rui Mao! Everyone has a very soft look. I love the capture from 3:10-3:15 of Lou dropping the cigarettes, getting up from his chair in the dark, and unveiling himself by approaching the light, a quick drum hit at that 3:15 mark emphasizing his splendor. As a music composer myself, that stuff’s my jam! I love it!

    Both Yu and Yanming Lou look stunning on camera. Very attractive people. I like their acting from 4:20-4:25 –the facial expressions, the short ambient musical cue, and the hand shaking all help sell it. Yu looks all boss and cool, Lou is writhing in pain.

    Overall, cool video! Only knock I’ll give is that I can tell English isn’t yall’s first language. 😛 It’s okay though, I appreciate the subtitles for the English speakers. I was still able to get a good idea of what was going on. 🙂

    The scene at 5:17-5:45 was cute. Yu laughs at our dude wolfing down some veggies at a banquet earlier. Apparently his boss is a veggie advocate. Heh.

    1. Thank you for always being so positive and encouraging with your feedback. If everyone was as kind as you, we would have even more motivation to create.
      I hope to incorporate some of my own ideas into our future content, while also creating more of what you guys love, and sharing it with everyone for free as a way to show appreciation for your support.
      I am happy to be able to communicate with you!

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