BW-FB24-Aoxin VS Jing(Custom)

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dresses, boxing,plots, ,etc.

The sequel of TAB-FF03.Jing failed to help Ting defeat Aoxin, she was blamed by Ting.So Jing decided to take revenge on Aoxin alone. In this competition, they both decide to use boxing gloves and the same rules to decide the outcome…






2 thoughts on “BW-FB24-Aoxin VS Jing(Custom)”

  1. What a very great video!!!! Jing is so sexy!! Jing’s reaction after getting hit in the stomach is so good. Her struggle to prevent further attacks after being hit in the stomach and her moaning was very fantastic. Aoxin is too strong!! But her attack pattern is a bit simple. I hope there will be more scenes that are faster and hit the abdomen rather than the face. It is my wish that there will be many videos of many enemies crushing Jing’s stomach!!! I love your videos and I will continue to buy them

    1. There’s one more great thing about this video that I couldn’t say. It’s so great that she gives a close-up of her abdomen when she’s being hit in the stomach!!! I love these things!!!

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