TLBC-BR39-Ting VS M(Custom)

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dresses, plots,fight.etc

Ting is a female martial arts athlete and gym coach.M is a bad student who learns martial arts from Ting.M very hates Ting with a just personality.
M is smoking in front of the gym.Ting sees him on his way to the gym.Ting hits M’s back of the head several times.Angered at Ting’s rebuke, M followed Ting into the gym…






2 thoughts on “TLBC-BR39-Ting VS M(Custom)”

  1. Lovely Ting 😀 My favorite 😀

    She’s always good and giving us a good performance. Especially when she’s on the losing end, she performs so nicely.

    This video is another must have. This time M has some more troubles with Ting than usually, but he is still the master (even in this video he’s the student).

    I’m actually looking forward to a mixed boxing video with Ting in which she’s losing obviously. Hope that one is coming soon 🙂

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