9 thoughts on “TAB-FB01-Juan VS Feiyang”

  1. I’m really liking Feiyang. She’s pretty talented. She has sold the action well in both the two videos she’s been in and has that tough yet cute look to her, just like Yuan, who’s a TLBC classic.

    Nice seeing some of the best from TLBC and BW go at it. Also great to have Shura and Micheal Mao together on direction. Mike has gotten so good over the years with many great and influential fighting videos produced, even managing to bring out the best performance out of Jiao in BR 36, someone whom I had thought had been a tad too stiff and slow in most of her videos. He’s coached many girls so well and it’s been a pleasure watching TLBC grow and improve over the years. Shura’s got a great example to learn from, as he develops his own style and help Boxing Wind improve and grow as a producer. Looking forward to more great action on the site in the coming weeks and months ahead.

  2. Nice, I really like the new approach taken where the fight is scripted. The only thing I want to critique is that all the final knockouts in all videos seem to be belly punch knockouts – and it’s becoming predictable.

    I think you should take some creative routes for the final knockout like getting knocked out of the ring and hanging on the ropes, or traditional movie knockouts. Hope to see more good stuff from you guys

  3. I also agree that the final knockout should be different and creative . For instance, Juan’s signature spinning face kick with slow motion close up would be a perfect ending.

  4. Can we see Juan vs Bing again? It would be great if their rematch is intense, similar to Chuan-FB06-Ming VS Ting 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  5. Agree with the others, just a knockdown in general can be shown differently in many ways. Make use of the jab and head snap motion to set up for other punches like uppercut and high kick

  6. I’m really liking this video. They have the action very well. But the reacting when when attacked still needs to be improved.
    I like Muay Thai. I like they hugs and knee fights. Please make it more.

    The final knockout. Every video is no different. Hope to see some different.
    I like Juan’s attack before final knockout. This attack very bueatyful it should be final knockout.

    it’s been a pleasure watching TLBC grow and improve.

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