3 thoughts on “Chuan-MB03-Yyue VS C”

  1. I am glad to see the videos made by Chuan have alredy shown an outline of a background story. Chuan usually performs the boss of an underground boxing club with several strong female fighters. He forces or invites girls to take part in unfair boxing matches. Each girl has her unique reason not to quit the match even if she can see little hope to win.

    Yyue is one of the most beautiful fighters of TLBC and she makes great efforts to show how painful a girl could be when she is punched in her belly and falls down. She lies on the mat and yells with all her strength, as if the pain in her belly has already overwhelmed all her pride. Good performance!

  2. Very nice performance from Yyue! It is very clear that she put in sincere effort to make it show like she’s in pain when punched. Her follow through from C’s punches are very good, and her reactions are natural. One suggestion is maybe her reactions from belly punches could be a little more dramatic. Hope to see more fights with Yyue!

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