TLBC-BR35-Ting VS M(custom)

This is a custom video. Customized content includes actresses, dresses, plots,etc.

This is a 10 rounds mma boxing match.Ting was going to challenge M.She looks very confident. She looked down on M.However, M was also very arrogant.He was a little carried away when he got a certain advantage.The game didn’t seem to end so soon…






1 thought on “TLBC-BR35-Ting VS M(custom)”

  1. What a good and nice mixed fight! I liked the many rounds. Each round you see Ting is losing more and more. The last rounds she’s actually already finished, but M make sure she makes it to the last round. Lots of punishment for Ting. I think she did something bad to M.
    Speaking about Ting. I think she’s one of the favourites. Its because her acting skills are really nice to see. Especially when she’s in trouble. Hopefully many more videos with her.

    As I am a fan of mixed fights, I hope soon more mixed fights. We don’t see them a lot this year…

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