TLBC-FB56-Brui VS Bfan

Brui (red glove) and Bfan (blue glove) were two new boxing girls. They all look confident. They were all trying to beat each other. Including a lot of face punching and belly punching. And some close ups of face punching and belly punching. Which girl do you like better? Please let me know.






4 thoughts on “TLBC-FB56-Brui VS Bfan”

  1. Really hot girls and decent boxing action. Please try doing some unique boxing scenes like knockout scenes where the girl gets knocked out through the ropes and her body hangs on the rope. Would love to see a more epic knockout ending. Other than that, great stuff!

  2. It was a nice video. I enjoyed it.
    Only thing is that during the whole match both girls don’t lose any energy and strength.

    Both girls are nice ladies to see, but I think Brui has more potential.

  3. Nice video! Both girls are good, but I like Bfan (blue gloves) the better and look forward to see her featuring in more videos. She has a good shape to be a fighter, not too thin to make the fight unbelievable. Her bright eyes are always full of confidence, excitement and tough will to fight, no matter how many times she is knocked down. She never shows the fatigue and despair that other girls might show when suffering from increasing pain, which makes more reasonable the scene where the girl struggles on the mat, tries to come back to her feet, fails one and again but refuses to give up. Even when she is pushed into the corner, arms hanging on the rope and temporally short of strength to fight back or defend, she still stares bravely at her opponent, fearless of the forthcoming hard punch that may make her vomit. But this does not mean that Bfan does less well in selling her pain. When knocked down, she hugs her belly and cuils her legs. The pain distorts her face, which, however, only makes her more eager to fight back. It would be quite enjoyable to see how a character like this is destroyed in a match with a man, when she tries to withstand hard punches into the belly but only ends up in vomiting, with an expression of hatred and unwilling to accept the defeat.

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