4 thoughts on “Chuan-FB06-Ming VS Ting”

  1. I’m really glad to see a new update on TLBC. I have to say that Ming has already become one of the girls who do the best in selling the pain. When knocked down, different from other girls who endure the pain silently and try toughly to get back to the feet, Ming usually keeps moaning even with a tone of crying, hugging her belly, with her legs curling up and her feet rubbing, which is much like what a girl will really do when he get a hard punch. Another great innovation is that when Ting gets several knee blows from Ming, she gathers the last bit of strength to push Ming away, then cannot stand the pain in her belly and kneels down to vomit. This is what may happen in a real fight: when a girl is at a disadvantage, she doesn’t hang on the rope taking punches without fight back, rather she always tries her best to defend herself from the opponent’s hard punches until the last effort fails and she is too weak to fight back. Even when the punches stop, the harm caused by them remains and corrodes the girl’s body and spirit, just as what Ting performs. This video is also different from all the previous videos in that both girls’ actions are fluent, they fight back and forth even without a pause. It does not happen that one of them stands still and takes punches one-sidedly; rather, when a girl becomes a sandbag for a while, it could always be told why she has to be like that, such as she was punched in the face just now and is a little dizzy, etc. The whole video has a new style, really well done.

  2. Ming and Ting, both really nice ladies and popular! They both sell the action really great.
    The video is a nice one. The storyline is good, the fighting is good and both sell the action good. You can see they have some pain and get weaker during the match.
    Love to see much more videos with these two ladies.

    Hopefully soon a mixed fight video.

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