6 thoughts on “TLBC-BR34-Ting VS C(custom)”

  1. It’s MMA time, yo!

    Vid starts off with the beautiful Ting exercising the abs. Keep working it, girl!

    And then in comes our new man, the C man! Chuan!

    The fight itself is a bit of a slow burner. The fighters spend a good deal of time feeling each other out with footsies, glove punches, and all. Ting gets a punch here and there, where as C’s first punch on her ends up cutting her lip! Performance wise, Chuan’s movement is great. He swings his arms fully across when punching, and he knows how to move/twist his body and head when taking the hits. His motions look strong and fluid without being dangerous to our actress.

    20 mins into the video, Ting get’s pretty badly worn out and C proceeds to take over the match completely.

    At 20:30 Ting’s arms are on the ropes and C goes ham with hot lefts and rights. Both of them sell the action very well here, and throughout the rest of the video.

    Video verdict?

    The action is hot!

    Ting hanging on the black rope from 25:13-25:25 is hot!

    Ting herself is hot!


    C man Chuan is hot!

    This video is too…



    Highly recommended.

  2. Oh my god what is this? An amazing video! I really enjoyed this one 😀 These are the kind of videos i was waiting for. Please make more like this 🙂 Only a bit more belly punching please
    And what Natal is saying i couldn’t agree more. Keep on going the great work!

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