4 thoughts on “TLBC-BR31-Xiaole VS M(Customized)”

  1. The trailer sold me on this fast, and the video did not disappoint! Lot’s of hard looking ( and sounding) hits, plus an exceptionally great performance from Xiaole and M. Some of the belly punches were pronounced with a slow-mo massive blow with sound effects that almost sound like Gastric juice inside the stomach had taken a splash! Ouch!

    Great video!

  2. Wow! What a nice and good video! Really liked it. Especially because Xiaole. She’s my number one favorite. So good in her performance. She’s perfect in the role she plays. Like to see many more videos with her!
    I like to see a video like br 19 again. Thats still one of my favorites videos.
    Perhaps an idea to make such a video again, but only then with Xiaole. And Xiaole should use an outfit like Qiu in Br 17.
    Anyway looking forward to the next video!

  3. Xiaole’s performance never disappoints. I like the scene that in the break time Xiaole goes back to her corner and cannot help vomitting.

    Could Xiaole try without her black toenail polish next time? That will not make her cute feet less attractive.

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