4 thoughts on “TLBC-FB45-Xin VS Coco”

  1. I really liked this video! My cute sensors were overwhelmed by Xin.

    So umm… some creepy thoughts:

    At 14:45-15:00… oh man! Xin looked so incredibly sexy laying on the mat there. Like… hot dang yo! Also her voice when she was taking belly blows at 21:35-21:39 was borderline erotic.


    Anyway, for Coco, I thought she looked cool at 14:15 when she was all bubbly, ready to throw her big belly punch strike with a big smile on her face. I also thought the camera pan at 0:42-0:46 showing Coco warming up on the punching bag was a nice touch. The camera panned from behind the boxing Rings bar slowly revealing Coco before her short interview that was done with various shots and poses.

    Whoever the camera person is, they need some serious praise. They’ve done such a great job all across TLBC’s various videos.

  2. I like the one side beatdown videos. Especially when Xin is the one who gets the beating. She’s excellent!
    I also like the sadistic part of the video. Xin is defeated, but still gets a beating till a real knock out.

    Looking forward to the next video! I hope for a one side beat down again with more focus on belly punches and of course hanging on the ropes.

  3. Coco acts really well in those even back-and-forth fight videos, in which she both gives and gets punches, knocks out her opponent and gets knocked out. She is pretty good at selling her dizziness and eyes out of focus when punched. It’s enjoyable to see her struggling to get back to her feet but fails once and again due to the pain in the belly.

    She’s still nice when she one-sidely punishes Xin but I’m looking forward to a BR video that features Coco. She’s suitable to be cofindent at first but gradually weakened by hard punches from M until finally knocked out.

    Good job and thanks to M!

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