6 thoughts on “TLBC-BR29-Xiaole VS M”

  1. Whoa! You listened to Saizo from the Wu vs Xiaoxi match, and changed the sound effects to something closer to what we hear in film. It sounds really good. I like it.

    Also that punch at :20 during the trailer was amazing (4:25 in full video)! Well played by Xiaole!

    And that KNOCK-OUT KICK at the end, yo! That was epic. M must be a trained fighter. His movement looks so nice and natural. Xiaole also did a good job selling the hit with the spin and spit as she fell to the mat.

    Good video overall. I always like those small touches you guys add, such as when the camera is on Xiaole at 4:00 smirking, confidant, and stuff, and then after that the camera is on M looking all terminator, and motioning with his hands to ‘come’ and proceeds to take control of the match from there. Gives our fighters some personality.

  2. A good video. I really enjoyed the video! Xiaole is a beautiful and nice actress to see. She’s really good to be a jobber girl. For sure my favorite and I hope you’ll make many more videos with her.
    The only small disappointment about this video is there aren’t that much belly punches and I missed the Cntlbc typical style hanging on the ropes. But the performance was very good! Looking forward to the next (br) video!

  3. Thanks for providing great videos.
    This was my first video purchase, and I’m satisfied.

    Xiaole, she is a great loser.
    At first her expression was full of confidence but at the end of the video she was full of humiliation.
    I think I want to see more of her video, and could you make her sweaty defeated scene?
    If it realized, I will buy the video soon.

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