3 thoughts on “TLBC-BR28-Xin VS M”

    1. Hey! Yep, sure missed it.

      BR series returns and with one of my favorite girl’s, Xin, too! Wahoo!

      M is so scary man. So the story here is that Xin has clobbered a bunch of boxers in the past, and we get a first person view of her taking out one of ’em at the beginning of the video. She calls her boss afterwards asking to go up against a real challenger. The boss sends in the monster himself –M! Xin gets some shots in for a couple minutes, but once 6:28 hits, camera zooms in on M’s eyes. Dude was about to take control, and that’s what he did.

      Poor Xin. She didn’t stand a chance. Her daze/dizziness at 20:34 gave me shivers. Spare the cute girl, M! T_T


      Great video, Michael!

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