13 thoughts on “TLBC-FB41-Wu VS Xiaoxi(Customized)(Gloves off)”

    1. @mattopp No, it’s theater/staged performance. Doesn’t matter though, it just needs to look good and their were some highlights here.

      For example: at 24:30 when Wu knee’s Xiaoxi in the stomach we get a slow-mo with Xiaoxi’s butt kicked back into the air. Probably the best blow in the video. Xiaoxi does a little jump and is bent over. The effect is exaggerated, but it looks good and I like it. 🙂

      There’s a similar and better looking blow in FB28 between Xixi and Yuan. Xixi gives Yuan a massive punch to the belly, and the camera briefly cuts to Yuan’s feet leaving the mat before cutting back to her upper body bending over and water flying out her mouth. The end of the preview/trailer of FB28 on this site actually shows that blow. It’s hot, and only in a staged performance can we see these kinds of exaggerated hits. Plus there’s less chance of anyone getting hurt, which is also a huge plus. 🙂

      Also helps that TLBC has some super talented girls that makes some of the hits look real anyway, and I think that’s something the girls probably enjoy themselves– showing off their talents/acting and making an enjoyable video for an audience.

      Anyway, this video, FB41-Wu vs Xiaoxi, is quite different from the TLBC norm. This time the gloves are off! We get a battle similar to that of a MMA or street fight. Bare fist punches and some kicks here and there. It’s a three round fight. There are a LOT of suffering in this video. Prepare to see a number of scenes of Wu and Xiaoxi gripping their abdomens in pain, slowly coughing out their water, and cuddled up on the mat. In one scene, Xiaoxi’s legs were shaking like crazy, as she hangs onto the ropes trying to get back up. The video overall was a nice new experience from Tlbc. I wouldn’t mind seeing another bare fist video like this at some point. Variety is good!

      @Michael Mao

      Hey bro! I sent an email to tlbc574008933@gmail.com. I was wondering if a particular tmo video could be re-uploaded to clips4sale since the old store doesn’t work anymore. I would like to buy it. However, if it’s not possible or too inconvenient to do so, I understand. Thought I’d ask though. Thanks for reading!

      1. @natal Guess you are right, maybe its just that i reference to some of the other belly punching videos from other studios, so have some expectations there. But nonetheless, i shall wait for better videos.

  1. It’s really awesome. Some punches seem real. And the kick looks like a Pro Muay Thai fighter.
    I saw their legs were shaking and gripping abdomens in pain, I like it.
    Every videos will end with faint. I think it would be better if this end with gripping abdomens flop and flex on the floor (not faint).

  2. The videos getting better every time! And also the actresses are looking good and performe excellent.

    I’m looking forward to see a video with M VS. Wu, Mou, Yuan, Juan, Lixin and Xiaole. Is it possible to make a video with them?

  3. Hello This video looks good, I would suggest maybe the actress fight in casual clothes or fight underwater it be quite interesting. How much for a customize video? thanks

  4. Hey man, all of your recent videos is great! Keep it up!

    Just wonder if there are any way I can order a custom video from you? The money is not the problem but the payment method may be. Let me know.

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