TLBC-BR27-Bing VS M(Customized)

Michael used to lose to Bing all the time. He didn’t want to fight her anymore. But she told him that she would deliberately lose to him this time. Because she bet on him to win. But he didn’t just want to win. He seemed to find a chance to take revenge.A lot of scars. Spitting. Belly punching. Face punching. Kicking. Knee stroke.


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8 thoughts on “TLBC-BR27-Bing VS M(Customized)”

  1. So I noticed this video sailed to the very top of the sellers list in TLBC’s store on clips4sale very shortly after it went up, so I decided to check the list of best selling clips across ALL stores, and as of this comment, Br27 Bing vs m customized is sitting in the top 10 (tenth place to be exact) best selling clips on the entire site. Wow!

    Congratulations, TLBC!!! Well deserved.

    As for this video, amazing camera work! And great performances from M and Bing as usual. Also, thanks for the english subs! 😀

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    I’m unable to purchase this video here as I’m from India.
    Is there any other way I can purchase this video like PayPal or something???
    None of the options given in the payment window is working here…

    Need immediate help please…

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