8 thoughts on “TLBC-BR06-Ying VS M”

  1. @Loucas

    Unfortunately, at this time, no you cannot buy this video. For some reason, the old store account got restricted and the sale of a whole lot of good videos were lost as a result. TLBC had to find a different store to sell their videos, and they chose clips4sale. Unless it’s decided to re-upload the video unto clips4sale, or somehow the old store account re-opens, this video, among many others, are lost for the foreseeable future. 🙁

  2. I really like your videos in which the girls speak a lot. For it seems to me super sexy to see the girl talk about her pain, fatigue and her tough will to finish the match, especially when she hits the mat or during the rest time, no matter in the form of spoken words or internal monologues.

    It enables the audience to imagine more vividly of what the girl feels and thinks in the heated match, where her confidence is ruthlessly defeated by the pains caused by punches from the opponent.

    Looking forward to more videos with stories and words in it, much thanks to M!

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