TLBC-Special for Christmas 2021

Full video:

Merry Christmas 2021!

Thank every customer for your continued support!

This is a special Christmas present we TLBC made for you!

6 thoughts on “TLBC-Special for Christmas 2021”

  1. Also, about the video: That was pretty awesome! It was basically a short skit. Lot’s of dialogue, fun humor, action music, cinematic cuts and edits, with some cool shots and slow-mo’s during the fray! Also surprising to see Meifight’s Byu with CNTLBC’s Ting! They were a lot of fun –building up that tension at the beginning, followed by a fight, and then closing with gal friendship and humorous quick blurbs. Great job with this short, Mao!

  2. Holy, shit. I misunderstood byu, the chinese IU, take the 20minute full boxing video. So now I’m very very very dissappointed If byu take long boxing video in cntlbc, I can pay more than 50dallors.😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

    1. Indeed, all three nice actresses!
      From Meifight I am also a huge fan of Ling. Especially when she gets beaten. She plays the jobber rol very good.

      From TLBC I am always a big fan of Ting, Xi l, Juan and Ming.

      Hopefully many mixed boxing matches this year!


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