3 Producers of TLBC

Dear customers,

     Maybe you’re confused about the video number. Let me explain:

At present, there are 3 producers: Chuan, BW (boxing wind), and of course TLBC.

Chuan is a new guy who just joined recently.The video numbers start with Chuan, just like “Chuan-FB01-Ming VS Ju”,they’re all produced by him.

BW,as you know,they have only one video at the moment.But they are about to produce more videos in the near future.

TLBC,the videos produced by Michael Mao,yeah,I’m an old friend of yours.The video numbers start with TLBC.Such as “TLBC-FB44”

With the addition of new partners, more videos will be produced.

You are also welcome to send us suggestions by email or message.

Thank you for your support all the time!

                                                                                         ——Michael Mao

1 thought on “3 Producers of TLBC”

  1. You should make a page where we can see profiles from all the characters. Where we can see some basic information like name, age, length, weight and all the matches they performed in.
    Perhaps also an idea page / form where customers send their stories for matches.
    And me and many others are hoping that you, Michael Mao, will make a comeback in some videos! M vs. Jiao would be a great match! 😉

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