Notice and the date of the next video

Dear customers of TLBC,

   Thank you for your support all the time!

   I hope everything goes well with you!

   Because of we didn’t shoot videos for a long time. Many of our previous Female Boxers couldn’t return because of work and other reasons. This had created a lot of resistance to the Boxing League we are planning.

   So, as you can see, we are trying to train a new group of Female Boxers. When they are all proficient, we will hold a championship belt competition.

   Please give them some time to grow up, I believe we will have a group of better Female Boxers.

   Our Twitter account @tlbc574008933 will also be used and we will update our news on twitter. You can tweet with us, leave us messages, make suggestions, etc.

   Thank you again!

   Update date of the next video:



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